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Rainer Link
Tales of Political Infidels Trump’s Lickspittles and Lackeys
Rainer Link, author
Let pundits and historians argue over the facts of the Trump presidency. This novel confronts the absurd reality of that era with whimsy, street theater, poetry, and a band of merry characters eager to expose the rampant fraudulence. With the help of his friend the Whistler (undercover as a chef in the White House), the novel’s narrator concocts audacious accounts that mock Trump and his lackeys. Trump becomes a medieval quack when he touts useless cures for the coronavirus; he seeks to buy a portion of North Korea intending to develop a Trump resort; and he becomes a healer who miraculously cures cripples during his Bible photo-op, after gassing innocent protestors. The narrator reports how those submissive to Trump (caricatured as Poodles) are tethered to him. Described as cold-blooded political infidels, they feign religiosity and love of country, yet believe in nothing—not God, not America, not right or wrong. Seeking power under the guise of Trump, they ridicule those who fall for their deceptions. Tales of Political Infidels is compelling. The narrator’s tales are nests made of various debris, yet embedded within each nest is an egg of truth camouflaged by satire and exaggeration.