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Melissa Gay
Talking to Herself

Amara Vivian Graves is turning seventy on December 31, 2049. Mourning the death of her husband John Darnley, Amara takes the advice of her wellness counselor and signs up for a biochip plasma treatment plan to tackle her depression. The plan works, sort of. She looks and feels forty all over again, but it doesn’t cure her longing for John. 

In her altered state, she is hurled back to the year 1999 where she meets a cast of Way Backers who have also succumbed to treatments gone sideways.

While living in her past, Amara crosses paths with her future husband. She’s warned by the other Way Backers that meddling with her past would have disastrous effects.

Once the Way Backers figure out how to return to their “real” lives, Amara must decide whether to abandon the only man she ever loved or to go home and face the reality of day-to-day living without him.

Themes include: Unconditional love, revelations.