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Kate Shanahan
Tangled Spirits: A Novel
2019: Mina Cooper’s study-abroad program has given her the independence she craves. But while meditating in a power spot on a Japanese mountain, Mina’s spirit is drawn into the distant past - and into someone else’s body. 999: Desperately lonely after her mother and sister die in an epidemic, aspiring shaman Lady Masako enters the spirit world to contact them. Unable to control her powers, she leaves in a panic, but pulls Mina with her. After a struggle for control and a failed exorcism, the two spirits agree to cooperate long enough to get help from the Royal Astrologer, the only person powerful enough to send Mina home. But his help comes at a cost. And the longer Mina waits to pay it, the greater the risk her spirit will fuse with Masako’s, and she’ll never get home. Tangled Spirits delivers a story of magic, imperial intrigue, and a most unusual friendship set in the fascinating world of tenth century Japan.