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Tastes Better From Scratch Cookbook
Lauren Allen, author
In this essential cookbook for everyday use, you'll find delicious, time-tested recipes for every meal of the day, including the most popular recipes from the TBFS blog, several brand new creations, and old classics that will make this book your new go-to! The recipes are refreshingly approachable and use basic wholesome ingredients for cooks of any skill level. You'll also find practical tips for success, like make-ahead and freezing instructions, meal planning tips and video QR codes so you can watch the dish being made, or even cook along!
Photographer, mother and world-traveler Allen imparts wholesome warmth and wisdom as she brings over one hundred tried and true recipes, curated over a lifetime, from her eponymous blog to physical format. Beginning with a deceptively simple introduction, she credits her family for her love of food: “Thanks to my family, my love for cooking came easily, and so did my love for trying new foods. I was blessed to travel many places with my parents and learn about different foods and cultures.” That passion lends itself to a lusciously photographed, decadent book filled with recipes aimed at the budget-conscious home-cook.

With an accessible “how to use” section and a welcome set of tips and tricks, the focus is continually on the food and creating a healthy, fun experience in the kitchen. Parents of young children will appreciate Allen’s own experiences cooking with and introducing her four children, all widely featured in the photos, to the wealth of foods offered in the world. Split into the traditional sections– Breakfast, Salads and Sides, Dessert–each recipe features the prep and cook time at the top, simple ingredient lists and tips for storing the planned-overs, thanks to the author’s focus on time-saving and efficiency. Most of the recipes also come with QR codes readers can scan, leading them back to step-by-step videos featured on the website.

Novice and veteran cooks alike will relish these foundational dishes which provide ample culinary variety reflecting a wide palate (everything from Panang Curry to Biscuits and Gravy to Lasagna Soup). In addition, many of the featured recipes include ideas for variation (Lauren’s Tips) and encouragement for cooks to experiment and add their own spin to classic staples. While many of the offerings feature healthier alternatives and ingredients, no nutritional information is given within the pages. That, however, shouldn’t keep aspiring home culinary artists from finding inspiration in the pages of this delightful cookbook.

Takeaway: An enticing, practical cookbook presented with joy, flavor, and respect for the home cook’s time.

Great for fans of: Antoni Porowski, Carla Lalli Music.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A