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Tatiana and the Russian Wolves

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Alexander adored his mother, Tatiana, an exotic and magical woman. Tatiana’s imagination kept her past at bay until insanity—the Russian wolves— took her and unleashed Alexander’s mental breakdown. Although Alexander inherited many of Tatiana’s gifts, he wonders if Tatiana’s bequest includes insanity. Alexander sees himself as fragile; confronting Tatiana’s past is a daunting task. Ignoring Tatiana’s gifts, Alexander has become an international banker and leads a comfortable life in San Francisco. However, he is blackmailed over an unconventional relationship and loses his job while piecing together Tatiana’s suicide and family secrets. An ex-lover is dying of AIDS and offers Alexander his business, an art dealership that Alexander would love. Will he withstand the gales that are sweeping through his life? Will he atone for his past dishonesty and be reconciled with those he loves? Or will he too succumb to the Russian wolves? *Quick Description – Alexander must reconcile his mother’s elusive past with his present life. A highly refined banker, an unconventional relationship results in blackmail; ruinous bank politics end his career. Will he survive? A psychological journey that leads the protagonist, Alexander Romanovsky, to reconciliation with himself, his mother, his ancestral country and the woman he loves. TARGET AUDIENCE: \tMainstream audience, with equal appeal to women and men—particularly readers with an interest in historical fiction. Readers who enjoy Danielle Steel’s novels will be drawn to Tatiana and the Russian Wolves– historically layered, with added intellectual heft.