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Tea & Cookies: How I Welcome My Jabberwock
Using real-life examples, Tea & Cookies: How I Welcome My Jabberwock describes a creative meditation process you can use to deal with worries and discomforts. The book details how to find the source of that discomfort and interact with it rather than fight it. That way, you can reduce or remove the difficulty, watching the changes within yourself via the visual meditation. For example, you know that little voice that goes around and around in your head at night, keeping you awake? Often, people just want to shut it up so they can sleep. In Part I of my book, I talk about how I turn the volume up on that voice and listen to it to hear what's really bothering me--that worrisome thing that's working so diligently to get my attention. Sometimes it's not a voice at all. Maybe it's physical, such as strong agitation. After I listen to and attend to the voice, the sensation, or the emotion, then I can really rest. Why is the book titled Tea & Cookies? Sharing virtual food and drink in meditation is a powerful way to welcome a nagging part of myself or a part I've shunned or shut away. The friendly offering of tea and cookies shifts me from being at odds with that part to working with it in a comfortable environment. Part II of the book is about methods I use for intercessory meditation. That's my term for meditating on another's behalf to support their taking the next step in dealing with whatever they have been finding difficult. It does not require my knowing details of the person's trouble. Descriptions of intercessory meditations depict the methods I use--and what I avoid doing, such as judging and interpreting.