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‘Technology of Life’ is unique in content with distinctive features innovatively written with the purpose to improve, enhance and strengthen the physical, intellectual and spiritual thoughts toward achieving peace, pleasure and prosperity in life.

One of the distinguishing aspects of this title is that it draws upon the faculties of some select topics of Indian philosophy, Bhagvad Gita, Patanjali Yoga, medical science, social science, research findings of psychology and human behavior.

The unending search for truth has been continuing since ages and this title is a link in this value chain; in fact, truth, love, kindness and compassion are the manifestations of God and Inculcating these positive human values means living close to Him and a departure from them amounts to disregarding Him and getting near to the negative values of hatred, anger, greed, untruth etc.

It is very relevant as it deals with the problems of human life in the current run of events. It provides a spiritual platform for solution development. Not many titles are available on the subject, which deal with spiritual and executive management, today. Upon digging deeper in scriptures, we find that at the root lies the ‘ego’ that separates the world into classes of rich and poor, developed and undeveloped, high and low. This ‘ego’ is designated by ‘I’. Lord Jesus revealed to the world the meaning of Holy Cross (+), which symbolizes the truth of life; because it cuts the ‘I’- without ‘ego’. If one learns the truth from the Holy Cross, then all are equal at the existence level. None is big or small, good or bad. But empowered by the sense of ego, we are different, detached from common brotherhood and from humanity.