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Ted the Tortoise Comes Out of His Shell

Picture Book; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Ted the Tortoise is a loving tortoise with a big heart and a deep connection with his family. He has anxiety when in social situations, which often makes everyday life difficult for him. Ted the Tortoise Comes Out of His Shell portrays Ted's dedication, even as a short and slow-moving tortoise, of becoming a basketball player. Like anything else, it takes a lot of practice and hard work.

He soon develops a support system that he leans on for advice, encouragement, and friendship. This helps Ted the Tortoise come out of his shell to overcome the odds to accomplish the his goals. Your kids will LOVE the sweet characters, positive message, rhymes throughout, and the book's beautiful artwork.


This is a story about a turtle learning that he can overcome his shyness and also how he will need to put in some work to reach a goal. Beautiful story with bright and colorful illustrations. A first book for the author and a must have for your collection.

Such a sweet story! I can see this book becoming a favorite in our home. The illustrations and beautiful as well!

We love this book and so does our son!

He regularly picks it up for bedtime stories and even takes it to school. It has a great message and adorable illustrations!

Ted the Tortoise: Comes Out of His Shell is certainly an excellent book for young readers. Mr. Crawford's first book has a universal appeal, similar to what Jonathan Livingston Seagull provided in the early 1970s. Got it for me and my grandkids.