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Paperback Book Details
  • 03/2021
  • 9780578831756 0578831759
  • 82 pages
  • $12.99
Ryan Meyer
Tempest: Poems
Ryan Meyer, author

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

Ryan Meyer departs from the horror themes of 2018's Haunt in his new collection of poems, Tempest. He explores fear, hope, and self-identity through striking fictional vignettes and surreal personal accounts. Tempest is thus a marriage between the dichotomies of musical, rhythmic poetic dialogue, and the deeper, innate anxieties that accompany change. Discover your truest self and brave the Tempest.
Foreword Clarion Reviews

"The poetry collection Tempest alternates between calm and passionate moments, working to convey family and identity anxieties."


"Tempest gives voice to an outlet of liberating expression." 

Manhattan Book Review

"Nothing short of astonishing." 

Midwest Book Review

"Unique, memorable, thoughtful and thought-provoking, "Tempest: Poems" is one of those volumes of verse that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf."

Reedsy Discovery

"Reading this book is like hearing the story of a destructive tempest after the boat has been rocked to shore and the sky has cleared again."

Writer's Digest

“These poems were wonderful. They have a compelling and unified fresh voice, a great variety in style and topic, and create a fresh feeling out of emotions and experiences that humans often share. That freshness and different way of looking at experiences is a delight. The concepts and themes of absence, love, growth, and living were well examined and explored through the personal and specific details that make the poems spark.”

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Paperback Book Details
  • 03/2021
  • 9780578831756 0578831759
  • 82 pages
  • $12.99