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Christopher Mari
Ten Worlds Away



A woman visits her teenage grandfather on the day he meets her grandmother. A young married couple comes to a fork in humanity’s road on Mars. A detective meets an unusual amnesiac in postwar New York City. A pair of explorers confront a frozen sky. An old man questions his sanity when he begins receiving strange calls. A little girl spends one last day with her beloved father before he goes off to war. A man loses the ability to worry while exploring a planet orbiting a distant star.

These are just some of the stories in Ten Worlds Away, a gripping collection of speculative fiction inspired by the classic science fiction of the mid-20th century and Rod Serling’s groundbreaking television series, The Twilight Zone.


Christopher Mari is the author of The Beachhead, an Amazon Book of the Month selection, and the coauthor of Ocean of Storms, a bestselling sci-fi thriller he wrote with Jeremy K. Brown. Ten Worlds Away is his first collection of short fiction.