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Terminal Investments...A Sinister Murder Mystery
Terminal Investments…A Sinister Murder Mystery Brilliant and driven, 21-year-old David Anderson secures a position at a prestigious investment firm, Faust Financial Investments (FFI). After a year-and-a-half on the job, he realizes that several of the company’s “Gold Account” clients died of mysterious circumstances, allowing FFI, as the beneficiary of their life insurance policies, to cash in on millions of dollars. Suspecting that FFI’s founders are killing their clients for profit, David hacks into their secure database to gather information to turn over to the authorities. While David is uncovering the truth, FFI’s founders are disturbed because the company is due for an audit which will uncover the problem of the noticeable number of Gold Account clients that died in the past year. To protect themselves and put the blame elsewhere, they decide to involve the FBI. The story evolves into a spiral mystery of David being convinced the founders are killing their clients, so he keeps hacking into the database looking for proof to report to the authorities. Meanwhile, FFI’s founders are concerned someone is killing their clients because an unknown hacker continues to breach their database. David becomes completely immersed in a twisted situation of “who did it” that leads to a conclusion where for David to be cleared of the crimes he is accused of, a loved one must be sacrificed…but the decision is not his to make.