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terrorists independence catalunya kill us by Satellite EM attack any time any where bybreading bar code & magnetic cards
miera lee, contributor
Iam Miera Lee, I live some 30years in Barcelona, I have a story that I have to reveal to the whole of the world, Terrorists Independence Catalunya kill us by Satellite electromgnetic emisson individully focused attack any time & anywhere, Do you believe that to bring bar code products as a lotion or to bring magnetic cards as financial or as transport kill you??? terrorists read your bar code products on your bag or your magnetic cards in your wallet, terrorist follow you by Satellite and kill you by Wave microsound attack in 24 hours, even you are walking on the road or you have a cup of coffee in a coffeeshop, they are killing you, Members of terrorist Independence Catalunya are Applus lab which certificate RF, EM, VISA smart card, mobile payment, Common criteria(more higher information security) + Cyberkiller Xavier Vilarrubla who setted up the emission EM on victim' s device @Xav_Vil vilarrubla@brightsight(dot)com + Polices local Barcelona + Mossos polices Catalunya + Catalunya National Intelligence + almost all City halls + biggest companies like Caixabank,. they are killing me by knowing their criminal done and doing how, I contacted with UN, NATO because Spanish gobernment nothing doing any investigation even I asked one hundred complaints trial to Mossos Polices Catalunya or justice barcelona including Madrid Polices anti- terrorists that all made fake registered by terrorists, my phone three four six six five five five one two four eight which is SIM duplicated by terrorists control 100 % call me, please or writing to my email poweringdigital@gmail(dot)com instagram airqueenano which is fake by terrorists, Terrorists Independence Catalunya can any hacking stil to FBI or UN and they can kill anyone, already they killed much person as 3 of judges or Siemens train accident in Germany, I hope to receive your call or contact that not be falsificated by terrorists, I wanted to connect with you to making a movie or a book that only one od solution that could be alive, even many victim arrived to death in short 3 or 6 monthes by this way attack by provoking cancer or infection or heartattack, I stil alive by being the one who hear any sound even to microsound, so, I can do my reaction when I hear Satellite or Ultrasonic amplifier machine sound stil to stand-by attack sound too, They are erased my life 30 years in Barcelona, Spain remain a few years for killing me any time as " Unknown" camuflaging as a suicide, When I was not any mobile for not persecuting, terrorists feveloped to following with bar code products and magnetic cards on our bag, because they are experted for payment system certification, I have to reveal in front of the whole world that is ocurring actually, Terrorists are doing only 2 of thing, first to hacking any gobernment, any individual or any insititution as FBI, Asus cloud, Samsung cloud, Starwood Hotel & Resort, Second, to killing anyone, terrorists failed to kill ex president EU Junker by my threat to terrorists when I saw Mr. Junker tembling his body after merting in TV I was knew that was by Satellite EM terrorists attack, They killed 9 persons by made crushing Germany Siemens train with Hyunai train as their independence revenge as killed 3 of Spanish judges whiches were investigating to Independentists, It seems there is no detection of killer, but there remain evidence full Radiation after attack also terrorist helper always were aside of victim, they receive chats terrorists order each moment, This Psycho terrorists Always use their helper as milions normal people. If I can not sell to my history, let me be your actress or coordinator for this movie, Be careful, If you received my offer about terrorists history, it can be putted on you in dangerous, On our mail I saw they were penetrated by generated Blue colour line or words, terrorists are hacking us, I thank you for hearing my story, Thanks, miera refer Instagram at airqueenano