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Thank You For The Ice Cream
Mari Benning, author
Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel because so many bad things were happening to you? Have these trials hijacked your happiness? In her newest book, Thank You For The Ice Cream, Mari Benning talks about the harsh reality that she had to deal with in order to live an authentically happy life. Although being an outgoing, funny, lovable, inspiring and entertaining person there was something below the surface causing her anger, resentment, battles of depression and unhappiness, which she hid from people for years. •\tThank You For The Ice Cream, is bursting with inspiration and power-packed revelations birthed from a deep soul-searching encounter that shifted her world and revolutionized her thinking and way of living. •\tYou'll be captivated by her transparency as she shares personal heart-wrenching stories along with embarrassing, and comical accounts of how she was able to break free of the invisible chains that held her captive and how she found her joy while in the midst of confusion.