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That Melvin Bray

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Having been raised in abject poverty with an abusuve alcoholic father, Maggie attempts to reconcile with Lizzy's help, the agonizing truths of her childhood and Melvin Bray by finally addressing the constant anxiety, fear and anger affecting her life. These two lifelong friends revisit childhood memories while divine intervention guides them on a path to transform the tragically broken lives of Ballen and Katherine, a couple whose young son disappeared without a trace decades before.

"I read a long time ago that there is a law of faith (just as there is a law of gravity) which responds to your level of confidence in it. This book is about family and friendship; love and forgiveness, and a lot of things in-between: tragedy and sorrow; joy and laughter; anger and rage; suspense and intrigue. But if you keep the faith thoughout this fascinating story, you will take a wonderful journey from your head to your heart...and you will be transformed."  Melinda Byrne   

Another Great Amazon Review!! Review #102

***** A Sweet Southern Spiritual Thriller

"What an amazing and captivating spiritual journey Margaret takes you on in her debut novel. I started this one evening before I went to bed and if it weren't for the fact that I needed sleep, I would have sat there and read it cover to cover. She truly captures the essence of a sweet southern soul growing up in a dysfunctional home who comes to the understanding of how we all can find grace and wisdom through God's love over time. This is a must read for anyone who struggles with finding themselves and how they fit within this spiritual space we share."  - Suzy Babb/1/18/16