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Clark Haberman
Author, Illustrator
The 100th Meridian Murders
After proving his reputation as the top sharpshooter in the world, a safari specialist settles in China. Here, he plans to earn his goal of becoming a multimillionaire. Suddenly, and without warning, he’s told to leave China, and never return. Undaunted, he will meet his goal in the USA by the age of forty. Several years later, in southern Nebraska, the sharpshooter agrees to a proposal that fulfills his monetary goal. This hunt becomes his final challenge before he begins a new life. The result of his kills uncovers dark secrets long hidden in the halls of the U.S. Congress. Professor Hand resigns from his teaching job in Iowa and returns to Lincoln, Nebraska to earn a doctorate in prairie ecology. On completion of his degree, he seeks consultant work in the central United States. Dr. Hand endures in his search for work, and finally lands a biological study along the 100th meridian in Nebraska. The scientific study leads him back to a path he left years before. The body discoveries, while using drones, leads his field and office crew into a dark world. CJ must face the evil he thought erased after his near-death beating. The peaceful, rural prairie again holds secrets that turn violent. The deadly hunt begins, spilling blood across the western United States.