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Erica Noble
The Academy
Erica Noble, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Rebecca Sheriff is your average young Australian. She has her rag-tag friends and Blake, her childhood friend and boyfriend. To her, the road she walks is certain and easily followed. Until, on the last day of high school, she receives news that puts a roadblock in that path. She’s to attend a prestigious college called Hallowell’s Academy, on the other side of the world. But, as she arrives, she discovers that all is not as it seems with this academy. There is something dark and evil that lingers here. When she meets a third-year named Kai Crane, her curiosity over him leads her down a path drenched in blood and secrets. Who is Kai Crane, and what is he hiding…? Hailed as a musical prodigy, Kai Crane is haunted. Haunted by intangible whispers and screams, all with no obvious origin, and demons of agony rip at his soul, locked there by evil itself. Quiet and reserved, he spends his time alone. Drowning in darkness. When the foreigner Rebecca stands before his door, things begin to change. She is bright and joyful, strong and fearless. All things he is not. As the two grow closer, jealousy forces Kai to confront the darkness in his soul. He must once again walk beside evil… Together, Kai and Rebecca must face demons of the mind and something much worse. The truth of Hallowell’s Academy and what lingers there…