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jerry weaver
The Addiction Manifesto
JR Weaver, author
Addiction is perhaps the biggest type of self-harm after a suicide that one can inflict upon themselves. It is a deceptive enemy that lures you with a false sense of comfort and purpose and slowly fades away the light and essence of life in a person. Substance addiction is one of the most traumatizing and widely spread issues in modern society and it keeps getting worse. In these torrid times, we need more education and expert opinion on how to avoid and beat addiction. Even more importantly, we need empathy. The view of the people who have been to the darkest sides of addiction and substance abuse, and learn from their stories and examples in order to help ourselves or a suffering friend. One such remarkable story comes from an army veteran, ex-addict, and now a sober and successful author JR Weaver. Weaver’s journey has been nothing less than a miraculous turnaround. He spent 20 years influenced by his substance and alcohol addiction. He lost his home, career, self-respect and went into complete chaos. He had lost his home, friends, and any real connection to a normal life. But he had a will to bounce back and have a life with purpose and control. So he bounced back and it has been four incredible years that he is sober and now working full time at his local VA hospital, helping others. Now, he has written the whole account of his troubles and the turnaround, in his new book that’s called ‘The Addiction Manifesto”. The author realized that people who are lost, need to be shown direction and empathy. He started sharing his journey with other people and also spoke at the 2019 VetTalkX as a guest speaker. The inspiring fighter also received the honor of being the 2020 International Book Awards finalist.
Weaver, a “writer by necessity” as part of his lifetime recovery from drugs and alcohol, opens up about the recovery process in this brief, focused self-help book. Clear-eyed yet hopeful, Weaver details his unique experiences as an addict, his current take on life, and the potential he has found in recovery. “We do get to live a life of value that will make us joyous, happy and free,” he declares. The Addiction Manifesto offers outlines a route toward that life, as Weaver lays out the basics of what to expect during the recovery process, addresses common pitfalls, and shares celebratory, life-affirming moments from his own recovery experience. Weaver blends personal reflections with practical steps and tips for establishing constructive patterns of living (“We avoid anybody who doesn’t support our recovery.”

Weaver has targeted this book toward those dealing with addiction as well as their loved ones, with a goal of fostering empathy, and understanding, though much of the focus is on people personally in recovery. Weaver’s advice for facing addiction and getting the most out of recovery is straightforward, often reinforcing aspects of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous' (AA/NA) programs; still, Weaver encourages readers to find what works for them personally, acknowledging that not every program will work for every person.

Weaver’s tone is optimistic yet frank, expressing to the reader that there is hope at any point in addiction and recovery, even in the face of setbacks: “Its patience is phenomenal,” he writes, of addiction. “It customizes a personal relapse plan for each of us.” At times, the manifesto’s reflections stray from practical advice, but overall Weaver, who currently works for a treatment program, offers welcome personal and professional guidance. For those curious about what addicts face or those seeking help in their recovery, Weaver’s words offer comfort and guidance.

Takeaway: This manifesto faces addiction and ongoing recovery with the goal of setting a path of hope.

Great for fans of: Arnold M. Washton’s Willpower’s Not Enough, Gabor Maté’s In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: B
Editing: B
Marketing copy: A

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The Addiction Manifesto, by Jerry Weaver, provides readers with an impassioned retelling of his experience battling addiction. Weaver is a former addict who shares his personal story and the story of other individuals throughout this book to reveal and examine the real struggle with addiction.

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The Addiction Manifesto

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