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Jeffery Battle
The Aerospace Professor: The Man and The Brand
Who am I, Forrest Gump? The Aerospace Professor’s autobiography is provocative and a compilation of dramatic, emotional, and riveting journeys from the author's early childhood through maturity. With a small amount of imagination, the autobiography resembles the life of a Tom Hanks movie character like Forrest Gump. Find out more. The Aerospace Professor's autobiography is about the life of Adjunct Professor Jeffery Battle and his profile of courage. Read more... Despite the severity of any particular experience, The Aerospace Professor’s direct and indirect associations served as sources of strength. Read more about The Aerospace Professor and Taraji P. Henson, Tuskegee Airman General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, John Mellencamp, Charlie Wilson, Golden Frinks, William Earl “Bootsy” Collins, Oprah Winfrey, The U.S. Air Force, The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe, Representative John D. Hall, and Brooke Simpson (The Voice). Remember to always “Look Above.” The Aerospace Professor (Jeffery Battle) and The Aerospace Professor Company, are the definitions of the Title and Subtitle "The Aerospace Professor: The Man and The Brand." Professor Battle has a Master of Business Administration in Aviation (MBA/A), with two bachelor's degrees in General Engineering and Professional Aeronautics a service-disabled U.S. Air Force veteran and cancer survivor. Are you looking for a motivational read to boost your confidence? You don’t need to look any further as “The Aerospace Professor: The Man and The Brand” is finally out now, featuring the secrets to living a successful life despite setbacks and barriers!
Battle shares the inspiring story of a life that has taken him from sharecropping to the role of “The Aerospace Professor” in this brisk, upbeat memoir and compendium of insights and advice. Battle’s positive attitude powers the book, though he’s frank about pressing topics like poverty and racism as he covers a life that started with his birth in a “small post-Slavery style” North Carolina farmhouse in 1962. Battle writes touchingly of being inspired by crop-dusting planes long before he understood the dangers of their pesticides, of his experience of life in a country whose Black male citizens are “ always under watch, and police violence is widespread, all with the support of judges and politicians,” and of fascinating incidents like marching against racial injustice with Golden Frinks in the early 1970s.

That zeal for justice carried with him into his Air Force service, where in 1980 he was told nonsense like “Black pilot candidates are often disqualified from fighter pilot training because of their intellectual inabilities and they were afraid of water.” He proved them so wrong that he broke base records in some pilot categories—and dedicated himself, in his own teaching and business endeavors later, to help people. That sense of justice also shaped his later career, where as a federal Contracting Officer he reports blowing the whistle on corruption—at great personal cost. Considerations of the future of commercial aeronautics, some excerpts from his reading, and some inspirational quotes supplement a narrative that is direct and plain-spoken.

Battle recounts the facts without the niceties of novelistic memoir scene craft, favoring the bluntly declarative. Of his becoming an adjunct professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and then branding himself “The Aerospace Professor,” he writes: “With a lack of opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industry, I decided to develop my own opportunities.” This book both documents that motivation and stands as an inviting example of it.

Takeaway: Upbeat memoir of reaching for the skies despite adversity.

Comparable Titles: Diana Jean Schemo’s Skies to Conquer, Ivan Thompson’s The Air Force's Black Pilot Training Experience.

Production grades
Cover: B-
Design and typography: B
Illustrations: A
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: A-


gina paul

5.0 out of 5 stars An Eye-Opening and Life-Affirming Book

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 25, 2023

President and CEO of Battle Enterprise, Jeffery Battle, writes an eye-opening and life-affirming book about his struggles and triumphs in The Aerospace Professor.

Despite the poverty and systemic racism Battle experienced in the public school system, he has a thriving and inspiring career in the aviation and aerospace industry. Unfortunately, the systemic racism he experienced did not end when he left school but went on to present professional barriers in several of the very influential positions Battle held in the workforce. However, experiencing hardships and significant health challenges did not stop Battle from outstanding achievements in aviation and aerospace, including becoming an adjunct professor at Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University.

Battle shares his exciting and inspiring life story throughout the book, including his heart-stopping encounter with the police while a US Airman stationed at Cannon Air Force Base. Reading about this encounter will cause the reader to question some of the basic assumptions they may hold about policing in America. It will also inspire the reader to rethink how adversity should be handled.

While sharing deeply personal events, Battle balances the seriousness of his life story with sweet events and remembrances. He also treats the reader to some delightful people he interacted with, including many influential family members, a United States Congresswoman, a prominent Civil Rights Leader, and a Tuskegee Airman General.

Battle has turned his lifetime of achievement into a philanthropic business that gives back to the community. The Aerospace Professor gives back in a big way by using his company. Battle focuses on STEM education for children ages K-12 and programs for disabled veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and those at risk of hunger. In addition, new and exciting projects are in the works, including an exciting animation series.

This engrossing trip through Battle's life will inspire the reader never to give up and always "Look Above."

The Aerospace Professor

The Aerospace Professor memoir: Faith led a poor child from a colored school to an American veteran and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with philanthropic values. And much more...