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The Aftermath: The Sequel to the Pleiadian Trilogy (2nd Edition)
The Aftermath is the beginning of a new era for the remaining inhabitants of planet Earth who survived two global pandemics. The total population has been selectively reduced to 3.6 billion, and no one was left untouched by these cataclysms. While the trauma of the two Great Tragedies led to a transformation of human consciousness, the Consortium still retains control of human thinking through the extensive use of IT systems, Wi-Fi devices and communications. The Chairman of the Consortium, a rogue Pleiadian, has designed the ideal organization for the future of Earth into three categories-the Androids, Techies, and Others-using advanced artificial intelligence. Dr. Bill Bradley, who had led the quest for Earth's transformation, and the President are assisted by a highly advanced team from Pleiades to prevent the Chairman's plan from succeeding. This timely, thought-provoking novel poses this provocative question: Will future descendants of Earth choose to retain their empathy, compassion, humility, and love, or will they choose scientifically engineered AI-programmed versions of these authentic human traits?