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The Ahava Order

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

Ahava Order Book 1 The world of Ahava warriors, Eos, Angels, Mages, Druids. Here, in a pseudo-medieval world, full of cruelty and beauty, realism and magic, the Ahavas engage in an eternal battle for the defense of the kingdoms; home the aristocracy, cherubs, and ordinary people. The Knights of the Order cooperate with the Angels, Eowites, Nymphs, and Druids against their main enemies: demons, vampires, necromancers, and witches and their beasts of dark creations. The Ahava Order follows the adventures of a new member of the Order: Morner, a spy for the Order, and his Ajal Nimf, and along with other knight magicians, not only kills the beasts but uncovers deep secrets. The vampires, nymphs, and ancient goddesses were once allies who have cooperated with the Order for centuries—but will the kingdoms now fall to the demons? Or will they take over the vampires with the necromancers?