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The Alchemy of Charlotte Goodwin
Sixteen year-old CHARLOTTE GOODWIN was a passionate and driven rising star with the Boston Ballet. With the help of GIGI, her flamboyant Parisian grandmother, she was raised by her father with virtually no knowledge of the mother who abandoned her when she was a baby. Now at the age of thirty-two, years after the untimely death of her father, a career-ending injury, and the passing of her dearest Gigi, Charlotte leads a disenchanted life in Boston. Her failed ballet aspirations have sent her into the corporate world, working for her adopted uncle and father figure, SHELDON MARSHAL. An old friend of Gigi’s, Uncle Shel is the only semblance of family Charlotte has left. As she clings to the love he provides, she pines for his nephew, GRAHAM, her childhood best friend and emotionally unavailable, on again/off again boyfriend. By chance one evening, Charlotte receives a mysterious and confusing prophecy from a tarot card reader. Among some of the conflicting images in the cards, the psychic sees Charlotte’s soul mate, that everything in her life is about to change, and finally, that she needs to watch her step. Late that night, while walking home after a disappointing date with Graham, Charlotte receives a call from him, telling her that their beloved Uncle Shel has died unexpectedly. Overwhelmed by such startling news, Charlotte is devastated. Panic-stricken and blinded by tears, she runs across the street right in front of a moving car. Moments later, she’s at her family-owned restaurant in Chicago, pregnant with her first child, and blissfully married to the love of her life, JOE COLETTI. But when she suddenly awakens from her brush with death, broken and bandaged in the hospital, Charlotte realizes the happy scene in the restaurant was only a dream. Still, she can’t shake the inexplicable connection she felt with Joe—a man she’s never met. As she recovers with Graham by her side—a sworn changed man—these high sensory dreams continue, each taking place in another city where she leads a different life: raising a baby with Joe in Chicago, teaching ballet in Paris where Gigi is still alive and never without a pearl of wisdom or glass of champagne, and in New York, perched at the top of society and unhappily married to Graham. Different as they may seem, each vision oddly shares common threads with the others: Charlotte’s estranged mother, her mercurial relationship with Graham, her closeness with Gigi and Uncle Shel, and lastly, Joe Coletti. With a newly emerging craving for passion, self-worth, and a feeling of home she has never truly known, Charlotte starts to understand more deeply what her crestfallen life in Boston is missing. As each vision helps to uncover secrets to her family’s past, she has the startling realization that she isn’t just dreaming; she’s experiencing the other lives she could have lived had fate dealt her a different hand. Now, understanding that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice, Charlotte decides to change the course of her life. She wants to find herself and her true love. But before she can really begin, she must find her mother, and she will use her visions to guide her.