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The Alchemy of Noise

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

In a world so full of lonely people and broken hearts, Chris Hawkins, a black sound engineer from Chicago’s south side, and Sidonie Frame, white, suburban-raised; the head manager of one of the city's buzziest venues, feel lucky to have met and fallen in love, convinced that happiness is theirs for the taking.

Life, however, has other plans.

Though they’re able to transcend inevitable culture clashes and resistance from select family and friends, it's when a series of police encounters culminates in Chris being beaten and arrested that their world turns upside down. He claims his innocence; she believes him, but as unforeseen events provoke increasing doubt and suspicion, the two are driven to question what they really know of each other and just who to trust, leading to a powerful and emotional conclusion.

A timely and provocative love story that digs deep into the conundrum of “love vs. culture,” The Alchemy Of Noise illuminates themes of privilege, prejudice, and the search for empathy in a world where bias too often makes even love a political statement.

PUB DATE: 4.9.19

Praise for The Alchemy of Noise:

“This is not a run-of-the-mill love story. But Lorraine Devon Wilke is not a run-of-the-mill writer. The Alchemy of Noise, a powerful interracial romance with rich, cinematic quality, is gritty, clever and superbly crafted, sustaining a gut-wrenching level of tension until the final page.” ~ Jane Davis, author of Smash All the Windows (2018) and nine other titles; winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award.


“It was so good. Every character was authentic. Sidonie and Chris have great depth; they’re real-life people, and I wanted them to overcome, for their love to prevail. The plot line was great as well. The microaggressions, the hidden and overt racism, the passive-aggressive low-key racism—it was all in there, all very plausible and realistic. The book is a sort of Racism 101, an eye-opener for allies." ~ Regina McRae, BLM activist, award-winning baker/owner of NYC bakery, Grandma’s Secrets, and author of Taking the Cake, Your Ultimate Cake Guide 


"A powerful novel that wraps the love story of a mixed-race couple in a 'ripped from the headlines' narrative, The Alchemy of Noise is alternately touching, painful, sweet, and enraging. With its exploration of race and privilege, and stunning, unexpected plot twists, it demands your attention from beginning to end." ~ Susie Singer Carter, award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter (My Mom & the Girl, Soul Surfer)