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Hardcover Details
  • 02/2021
  • 9781736085806 1736085808
  • 40 pages
  • $24.99
F. Jordan Erebia
The Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

Picture Book; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

The true story of an injured baby squirrel, found by a retired physician who video documented his physical therapy and full recovery, and captured the hearts of social media fans around the world.
Erebia debuts his True Tail Tale nonfiction series with this story of the frolicsome Pepito, a lame squirrel who made the author’s acquaintance by crawling onto his boot. This delightful adventure follows the author, a retired physician, as he nurses Pepito back to health with love, shelter, and creative physical therapy. Erebia illustrates Pepito’s comeback with adorable photographs featuring the squirrel’s process and antics – including his penchant for hide and seek, love of pineapple, and even a tired squirrel yawn. Social media links for Pepito invite readers to stay connected.

Animal lovers will be charmed by Pepito’s underdog charisma — “Pepito The Squirrel, was crawling towards him / Determined to catch up, while dragging his hind limb” — and cheer him along as he perseveres through physical exams for broken bones and bouts of exhausting rehab. The bond between man and squirrel is evident, as Pepito ventures away just long enough to try out new activities before bounding back “to rest in his arms, where it all began.” Erebia documents Pepito’s convalescence without wasting time on pity, stressing the squirrel’s hard-wired zip and innate need to safely interact in nature, while devoting plenty of space to Pepito’s performances (“He loved taking photos; he was quite a ham”) for his social media followers.

The rhyming text is stilted and at times feels forced — “Once, he got lost, it took hours to find him / The man gave some thought, and looked on a whim.” Still, the end result is a playful narrative that eschews formality for fun, and there’s ingenuity in rhyming squirrel with deferral. Not to be underestimated or taken lightly, Pepito has overcome Herculean odds and adapted to serious challenges. Erebia has literally stumbled onto a story worth celebrating, and Pepito’s vivacity is guaranteed to make readers of all ages swoon.

Takeaway: Animal lovers will cheer this squirrel’s recovery, captured in photos and light verse.

Great for fans of: Diane Trull and Meredith Wargo’s DAWGS: A True Story of Lost Animals and the Kids Who Rescued Them, James Herriot’s All Things Wise and Wonderful.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: B
Marketing copy: A

Book Reviewers

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This children's book is truly heart-warming and so wonderful to read. - Author of Go to Sleep Little Peep!

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Pepito The Squirrel is a beautiful rhyming book that can be read-aloud with kids. Kidliomag

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Young wildlife lovers will embrace this intriguing rehabilitation account.

The Prairies Book Review

Charming, compelling, and brimming with heart . . . A beautifully written, morally bracing tale.

Based on a true rescue story, this poignant first installment of the Pepito the Squirrel series by the retired physician Erebia takes readers on Pepito’s journey of rescue and rehabilitation. 

The rhyming text adeptly carries the story forward. The stunning photographs help bring Pepito’s story to life.

Hardcover Details
  • 02/2021
  • 9781736085806 1736085808
  • 40 pages
  • $24.99