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Georgie Hockett
Service Provider
The American Duke: A Regency-Era Novel
Can the mixed-race descendants of former American slaves and an English duke survive and find love among the British aristocracy? 1791. Passing as white in the newly formed United States, Anne, the granddaughter of former slaves, meets and falls in love with Avery Roxbury, a British peer. Despite its legal prohibition, the two marry. Thirty years later, Avery is murdered. Only then do Anne and the three children discover that he was a member of the aristocracy and that Avery and Anne’s son, Sterling, has inherited a dukedom. But can the family claim it and survive long enough to take their place among the British ton? Escorted by three of the Crown’s top operatives, the Roxburys flee danger in America for Britain, and run head-on into international intrigue, racism, and those who would rather see them dead than alive. Along the way, Sterling’s sister Meredith finds herself drawn to one of their fiercest protectors, Julien Quinton, the Honorable Earl of Sutton. Welcome to the world of the Roxburys, where they take on the stodgy elite of Regency-era Britain. Filled with romance, espionage, and murder, The American Duke is a thrilling fictional glimpse into the factual historical intersection between Black Americans and the British aristocracy.