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S.C. Vincent
The Arcadian Destiny
S.C. Vincent, author
A PRINCE WITH A STOLEN DESTINY… …A SISTER BORN OF EVIL AND FLAME. Prince Konnor knows the only way to halt the Pezian invaders is to marry the emperor’s daughter. However, Konnor has a love of his own and he’ll do almost anything to keep that love alive, even if it means risking the entire kingdom. Unbeknownst to him, his twisted and jealous sister wishes for nothing more than a chance to make his future her own… Framed for murder, Konnor must return to his homeland. He sets out on a dangerous adventure, felling fantastical beasts and overcoming magical feats to save the kingdom from his evil sister’s reign and the God whom she serves. With his magical sword, the Ulfberht, and his band of misfits, Konnor hopes to reclaim the throne he once lost and save Arcadia from treachery. But things are never so easy, especially when his sister is dead set on keeping the throne...