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Angela Johnson
The Archaeologist and the Spinster
When love arrives on a camel, who knew it would be oblivious to flirting? Self-proclaimed bachelor for life Phineas Fernley has dreamed of exploring the world since the day he found a book on archaeology hidden on the shelves of his father’s library. Armed with books and his personal journal Phineas sets out to add his knowledge to the world of ancient artifacts. His one true desire is to walk into a Pharaoh’s death chamber and discover the treasure within. Living in the Egyptian desert was supposed to be temporary for Lady Adelia Crandall and her father. After three years in Egypt, Adelia is no closer to convincing her father to return to England. As a spinster, all hope for a husband seems to be lost until a handsome gentleman arrives covered in sand and spit, riding upon an ornery camel. Determined to fulfill their dreams, Adelia and Phineas set out on separate adventures. Phineas finds happiness at a dig site in the Valley of the Kings while Adelia shamelessly flirts, with the goal of making a match. When all hope seems lost, instead of giving up and accepting defeat, Adelia makes a request of a mythological goddess. To achieve their goals, she needs Phineas to notice her, and he needs Adelia to stop enchanting his every thought.