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Luann Erickson
The Arrangement
Lu Erickson, author
Recently freed from a cruel marriage, Adele de Guildfry vows never to chain herself to another heartless man. Now that she is lady of the strategic port of Guildfry, she is determined to rebuild the estate and forge her own path. The King, however, has other plans for her and enlists his champion, the dashing Kevin Blakeslee, to woo the widow to keep the port from rebel hands. Sir Kevin has gladly sworn to fight any battle, storm any castle, take any risk for king and country, no matter the danger . . . but surrender his freedom and wed the widow? . . . A country in turmoil, a family awash in greed, and lovers enthralled by an unexpected yet undeniable attraction—will the Fates find a way to unite these two reluctant hearts?
Amazon Customer

5 Stars!!  It’s not often to start a book and be “hooked” right away.  Her writing flows…I really looked forward to reading more every time I had to put it down.  In short…it was really great. Keep them coming Lu Erickson.

Amazon Customer Kat

5 Stars!!  If you love tales of sword-wielding knights and their ladies fighting for justice, THE ARRANGEMENT is a must-read and a real page-turner. It kept me reading into the wee hours of the night!

Amazon Kindle Customer

5 Stars!!  I have just finished reading this book and I have really enjoyed it. If you like a book with a lot of twists and plotting, then this book is for you.

Amazon Reader Review

5 Stars!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed and the story immediately grabbed my attention. I loved the strong female lead and the humor peppered into the story was a nice bonus. I recommend this book to anyone who’d like to leave behind the stress of daily life and escape to medieval times!

Kindle Customer

5 Stars!!  Another great read by Lu Erickson! I read this after Of Mist and Shadow and it did not disappoint! I was instantly transported back to medieval England with some of my favorite characters. I hope there will be another book in this series!

Readers' Favorite

5 Stars! -

Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

It is 12th-century England and the country is ruled by King Henry but always with the support of the barons and lords. Sometimes, though, these powerful men and the odd woman can seek too much power and challenge the Crown. In The Arrangement by Lu Erickson, we meet the courageous widow Lady Adele de Guildfry. After a loveless marriage to the brutal Lord de Guildfry, she is finally released from her living hell by the death of her husband. Determined to run Guildfry on her own, she is determined never to remarry and suffer the brutality and callousness of another man. Her family’s lust for power, however, will see her forced into a corner she will struggle to escape from. Her mother and brother have determined they will make a suitable match for the widow, a match that will increase their own power within the kingdom and allow them control of the Guildfry lands. Adele’s best friend Gwendolyn has somehow navigated the murky waters of matrimony and found a true love match for herself. Despite this, Adele is determined not to endure her family’s plans to marry her off. Kevin Blakeslee is a second son and Gwendolyn’s brother-in-law. As a second son with no inheritance, Kevin has made his name as a brave and respected knight but when he is ordered by the king to woo Adele and so protect the Guildfry lands for the Crown, he is equally determined not to surrender his freedom and marry the widow. Set amongst the tumultuous times of a rebel uprising, this unlikely love affair will play out.

The Arrangement is the perfect blend of the derring-do of the knightly era and the nobility with the sweet, passionate exploration of love and happiness. Author Lu Erickson has beautifully combined the elements that make medieval times so fascinating for readers with mystery, double-dealing, swordplay, and true romance. The characters are realistic, easy to identify with, and root for. Overdrawn, as they should be in a historical romance of this type, it is generally easy to sort the good from the evil and to cheer their successes and lament their failures. The author has truly captured the essence of the warfare of this period, as well as the mythical tales that develop around great deeds (and some not so great deeds) that are amplified and embellished at each telling as the truth is more shrouded in each recitation, through oral tradition and song.

The descriptive style makes it easy to feel the very dampness and coldness of the stone castle walls and to empathize with the stark difference between those born into position and wealth against those born to be serfs or servants. The accident of birth played such a great part in the destiny of all these characters and the author draws this out marvelously. I particularly enjoyed the idea of women having much more power than is generally conceded as being theirs in the Middle Ages. This is an incredibly easy and enjoyable read for lovers of all genres, not just historical fiction. There truly is something for everyone in a simple tale of good vs. evil, honor vs. dishonor, and love vs. hate. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it.

Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars

Reviewed By Stephanie Chapman for Readers’ Favorite

 Lu Erickson’s description details the predicament Adele faces. I agree with Adele that she prefers to live alone rather than be unhappily married. While de Guildfry’s treatment of Adele isn’t related in-depth, it seems that he treated her poorly. I cannot imagine living with someone I hated for 13 years. Adele’s distrust of men is understandable, and her family’s lack of concern for her is clear. I found Kevin amusing, as he was prone to putting his foot in his mouth when he spoke to Adele. His friends, Rowan and William, assist by causing friction between Adele and Kevin. Adele’s naivety is her downfall. However, the conversations and thoughts involved are relatable, making the story feel realistic. The transitions between several characters are seamless, and I became enchanted as I read more. The story is unpredictable, and the intentions of the supporting characters add to this element. Readers who enjoy slow-burn historical romances with realistic characters should read The Arrangement.