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Suzette McIntyre
The Art of Being Alive

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

The Art of Being Alive is a brilliantly illustrated photo essay, enriched with powerful insights and guidance on living life with more vibrancy and purpose.
Internationally acclaimed photojournalist McIntyre’s (Beauty Surrounds Us) photo essay collection about living life with purpose encourages reflection on communicating with your “Inner Spirit” and embarking on our journeys into the world with confidence and vibrant energy. Drawing from her own travels around the world, encountering spiritual experiences and searching for the meaning of being alive, she focuses on topics like the certainty of seasonal change, moments of stillness in the chaos of city streets, the magic and power of water, and the need to share one’s knowledge with other people. McIntyre asserts, “We can move through the day with less judgment, seeing richness in everything.”

A Christian who believes Christ’s spiritual presence connects her to God, McIntyre acknowledges and expresses respect for other systems of belief that share the common intent of elevating humanity and encouraging kindness. Through her motivating verse and luminous photographs, she urges readers to tap into the empowering “Universal Force” within us, trusting the strength of a greater power to wash away negativity and help us each find the “source” of our individual spirits amid the commotion of life. “With a consistent channel from the Greater Power within, you will feel an endless source of Energy flowing through you,” she argues. Soothing, sometimes familiar quotes from contemporary philosophers and thinkers such as Leo Buscaglia, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, and Maya Angelou complement the evocative images, which range from bustling city scenes to rustic animal portraiture.

McIntyre weaves her text around the pages of this stimulating collection, but the ephemeral beauty captured in her photographs steals the show. She catches personal moments of exultation and joy and embeds them into the whirl of city life, toggling between horses on the high plains to street graffiti and sun bursts. Although the messages and photos are occasionally mismatched, inspiration-minded readers will delight in this visual representation of comfort and connection.

Takeaway: This optimistic collection of inspiring words and evocative images takes readers on a photographic journey of inner reflection.

Great for fans of: Howard Zehr’s Little Book of Contemplative Photography, Jan Phillips’s God Is at Eye Level.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A+
Marketing copy: A