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S. H. Pratt
The Art of Forgiving
S. H. Pratt, author
The last thing Adam Green wanted in life was the complication of emotional entanglements. And love? It was so far down on his list of priorities it didn’t even register… until Angie. With her sugar laced kisses and the dancing amber fire in her eyes, she showed him the sweet side of life with love. To Angie Hartman, the idea anyone was unworthy of love was more than her heart could take. With each revelation of Adam’s past, the need to give him a new perspective of life and love grew. As the holidays approach along with the misery they bring, Angie finds solace in making everything magical for him. Angie’s newfound calm is tested by a series of events beginning with odd, anonymous ‘gifts’ being left at her sister’s grave. As the spark of anger rekindles in her heart, she finds herself and her relationships tested. When New Year’s Eve ends tragically, Angie spirals down a path darker and more dangerous than she’s traveled before. As Angie’s moods become more volatile, Adam finds himself at odds. His past has taught him when to cut his losses but his heart refuses to accept defeat. In one stark, horrifying moment, Adam is faced with the unfathomable and must decide if love is a priority. Can Angie prove his love is not misplaced? Is their love forgiving enough to see them through?