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Monty Ritchings
The Ascenders Return To Grace Book 1
Mankind is in a flux. We are evolving, but not in pace with the needs of the Universe. As we move deeper into the cusp of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, mankind needs to evolve more deeply and more quickly on all levels. Introducing a new species of human being, Homo Integratis. They look and act just like Homo Sapiens except their male and female aspects are complete, have different personalities and can express physically as they choose. The trick is for them to learn to cooperate and work together as one. Mike is a retired cop who has become a very successful private investigator with a special knack for solving cold cases. He just draws the crime scene and quickly accesses information from the ethers regarding the case. Very quickly all is solved, and the bad guys are not only in jail, but instantly converted into being decent people as the process releases and reframes their dysfunctional core beliefs. Mike’s childhood was extremely violent. His father regularly beat him and his mother, until one day, Mike stood up to his father by reclaiming his power verbally. As he proclaimed his power, he pointed his hands at his father. A powerful energy projected from his hands causing his father’s anger to “melt”, leaving him a changed man. As Mike honed the skill, it became a defining aspect of how he lived his life, until the headaches started. With help from his girlfriend Beth (who is a female Homo Integratis), Mike discovers that the headaches are caused by Merle, his “inner female”. She wants out! She has work to do! She is actually the owner of the intuitive skills Mike works with. Through the process of discovering Merle, Mike and Beth begin a life long association with Guardian Angel Rachel who becomes the creator and guide of the “Matrix” and its staff. The Matrix is a special home that collects orphaned children from all over the world who have been severely traumatized through war. At the Matrix, they are taught how to release and reframe their dysfunctional beliefs and develop themselves through the energy of living in Universal Love, into being the full potential of who they are, many of them being Homo Integratis. Mike/Merle and eventually Tomas/Tarita have the task of finding and rescuing children who have been stolen from war zones and are set to be sold into slavery. Due to their unique expression, they have skills unknown to mankind before, so they are able to set up and complete their collection of the children while remaining completely safe and anonymous. The “bad” man who is in charge of the “collection” of the children is completely baffled what is happening to his enterprise when the children keep disappearing… and so do his collectors, as they become invisible to him, as model citizens after interacting with Mike/Merle. Three different groups of children become members of the Matrix in Book 1, all collected from the “bad” man. The ones who are Homo Integratis become life residents, while the ones who are Homo Sapiens become very functional members of the local society by being adopted into local families. The life members continue their personal growth and learn skills that regular Homo Sapiens cannot even comprehend such as projecting oneself somewhere else in the Universe to complete a special task, to working at deep levels with Mother Nature, and even transforming like Papillon and Tarita into Butterflies. Throughout the book, Guardian AngelRachel oversees the operations and offers up life wisdom and tools that offer hope, regeneration, and personal empowerment both to the children and to the reader, that are very necessary in today’s transitioning world. She provides training in how to engage powerfully, how to release and work with Kundalini energy and how to live one’s life purpose intentionally through living in the energy of Universal Love. The story twists and turns throughout with plenty of opportunities to laugh, cry and cheer on the good guys but it is intentionally written with plenty of hangers to incite the reader to be lusting to read the Ascenders Return to Grace Book 2.