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Jose Colon
Jose Colon, author
Chris Collins is in appearance and in almost every aspect the boy next door. Growing to adulthood he soon learns that the abilities he possesses and certain characteristics are certainly outside of the norm. Then there is Lori Muse who is typical of the technology wunderkinds of her era and making a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur but is not prepared to step forward and battle the forces arraying themselves against humanity. Lori ever the cynic and reluctant heroin along with Chris and some very real and then some not so normal participants, team up to try to stop what seems to be the end of times as predicted in the apocalypse. Earth is at a crossroads. The 21st Century has become more entrenched in chaos and violence throughout the world with many finally predicting the apocalypse or humankind’s extinction by its own hand. The villains are both earthly and those from other dimensional plains that have been antagonist throughout the history of humanity. Their purpose is total planetary extinction. Evil of demonic and extra-planer reaches are finally massed. With human surrogates to help in the collapse of any global response and the earth’s own physical destructive power harnessed and at their disposal, the odds are greatly stacked against humankind. As the destruction and deprivation continues, for the makers and masters, fallen and primes the question that will become more important to resolve will be what is truly The Auras Purpose. Our human capacity and ability to imagine and dream of those things real and unreal and formulate possibilities from them is basic to the plot of Auras Purpose. Please come and join us in that journey.
Offering a singular mix of apocalyptic adventure, conspiratorial secret history, and metaphysical superheroics, Colón’s sprawling end-times novel pulses with imaginative invention. This story, the first book in the Guardian series, centers on a nefarious faction of immortals led by one Master Oblivion, which has dedicated itself to the destruction not just of humanity but of people’s trust in their governments and capacity for hope.

In the late 1990s, Master Oblivion’s immortal team enlists power brokers to fake the computer “crisis” of Y2K so they can hack into the world’s computers. They’re also credited with the shootings at Columbine High School and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, among other events. Humanity’s best chance at restoring hope is a young boy from Seattle named Chris, who is revealed at a Shaolin Temple to be “the Shining One,” foretold in legend, part Dalai Lama and part Doctor Strange. Chris’s destiny, he’s told, is to remind humanity to “use our potentials to what they were supposed to be.”

As an adult, Chris achieves some of his destiny through (non-explicit) transcendental sex that leaves an eternal mark on a tech pioneer named Lori Muse. Colón doesn’t reveal much about what characters are thinking, so readers might find themselves, like Lori, unclear about Chris’s plan and her own role in the future; they’ll have to wait for future installments to find out. Readers interested in the machinations of power brokers will enjoy the panoply of angels, demons, CEOs, socialites, and monks battling for the fate of the universe in this fast-moving metaphysical epic.

Takeaway: This apocalyptic epic will appeal to readers who love a juicy conspiracy.

Great for fans of: L. Ron Hubbard’s Mission Earth series, S. M. Stirling’s Emberverse series.

Production grades
Cover: C
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: C
Marketing copy: B+