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Rita H Rowe
The Bad Seed
Rita H Rowe, author
Love, betrayal and murder. He’s the new kid in town, complete with a sordid past and a tarnished family name, doomed to fail even before he begins. Jenna is the only person who sees beyond Joey’s past and they fall deeply in love. But there are already forces determined to separate the pair by any means necessary. Tommy, the thug, who is hell bent on breaking Joey by brute force, Jenna’s mother, whose connection with Joey cannot be ignored, and Joey’s own past, the strongest weapon against them. Only Tim, the local police officer, shows any compassion to the plight of Joey and Jenna, but is Tim all he seems? And what role will he play in their fate? Can young love survive in a town filled with discrimination? Can Joey and Jenna get out before they fall apart, or is it already too late?