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The Big Weekend
Libby Kirsch, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Create)

You can run. You can hide. Or you can get highlights. Columbus police make a quick arrest in a murder, but when a tip comes in from someone who knows more about the case than detectives, it’s clear to TV reporter Stella Reynolds that the woman behind bars didn’t pull the trigger. With lowlifes stealing the headlines, why is Stella’s boss only concerned with her hair? He insists a makeover will help her career, but she knows that a visit to the salon will only get in the way of solving the murder. Or will it? With the real suspect determined to stay hidden, maybe a makeover contest is the perfect cover for catching a killer. Vicious lies. Unyielding deadlines. And a killer makeover.
Kirsch’s inspiring fourth Stella Reynolds mystery (after The Big Overnight) focuses on the role of beauty and image-making in women’s professional lives. For Stella, a savvy and down-to-earth TV news reporter in Columbus, Ohio, being on the front lines of a breaking story never ceases to energize her. Her skills and determination to land a scoop put her well ahead of the cops in two related murder investigations that have put a woman Stella believes to be innocent in jail. Meanwhile, back at the office, backstabbing colleagues threaten to undermine Stella’s successes, and her long-distance relationship with Lucky Haskins, a NASCAR driver, is on the rocks. At the suggestion of her news director and thanks to the expertise of a charming makeup artist with his own share of professional woes, Stella reluctantly begins experimenting with sprucing up her look. Kirsch realistically conveys the pressures women face to conform to beauty standards—particularly within the media— while delivering an empowering message about getting ahead through grit and focus, highlights or no highlights. (BookLife)