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Donna Griffin
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
The Birth of The First Amendment

Young Adult; Comics/Graphic Novels; (Market)

Truth. Fake News. The First Amendment. How did it all start? In a courtroom in New York 41 years BEFORE the Declaration of Independence was signed and 56 years BEFORE the Bill of Rights became law... BOTFA is designed to engage youth with information and tools to think critically, communicate responsibly, and participate as active citizens in our democracy. The Birth of The First Amendment is NOT just another history book. The superheroes, drama and suspense of this graphic novel are a new take on education that speaks directly to middle, high school and college young leaders whose voices are resounding throughout this country.
The Poynter Institute for Media Studies

An inspiring story, brightly told in words and pictures. This fresh take on the birth of our First Amendment freedoms reminds us that we must protect our right to free speech and, as journalists, recommit every day to our fight for truth. I didn't know who the surprise hero of this story would be, and it made the tale even more fun to read! -- Wendy Wallace, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Tom Gayda, 2018 National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year

"The Birth of the First Amendment" is an innovative look at the beginnings of one of our greatest freedoms. The fun copy, paired with the brilliant artwork, make for an engaging take on the Zenger trial and its impact. The historic trial is followed up with a look at current First Amendment issues, including the New Voices movement that is looking to protect free speech and press rights for teenagers throughout the country. Presented as a graphic novel, kids will certainly enjoy the colorful, lively presentation. I enjoyed the book so much. I hope it is the first of more to come! The Birth of the First Amendment is a unique resource to get students thinking about the freedoms they have and their responsibility to use them wisely.

--Tom Gayda, 2018 National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year