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Matthew Fugazzie
The Black Rose: A Madison Lockhart Mystery
Down-on-her-luck private investigator Madison Lockhart is hired by a client who is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife and her lover. The killer left a calling card in the throats of their victims: a black rose. Madison's client wants her to find the real killer, but the circumstantial evidence against him complicates matters. As Madison attempts to unravel the web of deceit surrounding her client and the people connected to the case, she unearths secrets buried deep beneath the surface. Everyone is lying about something, and it's up to Madison to figure out whether any of them could be a murderer. The closer Madison gets to the truth, the more danger she finds herself in. She isn't safe anywhere—not even in her own home. Until she solves the case, her life is in great peril, as are those around her. Unfortunately, she is plagued by nightmares about her dark past that have reignited thanks to the murders she's investigating. If Madison finds the killer and brings them to justice, maybe she can finally put the past to rest.