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Kent Merrell
The Blade of Safavid
Kent Merrell, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

On September 7, 1695, an armada of five pirate ships attacked the Great Mughal Emperor’s treasure fleet returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca. The treasure seized was the greatest in recorded history. The attack launched a worldwide manhunt lasting over five decades, and a treasure hunt that continues to this day. The Blade of Safavid and its rightful heir, the granddaughter of both a Mughal Emperor and a Safavid Shah are the prize of not just worldly wealth but the rights to two of the world’s great empires. A fifty year old world wide manhunt is reawakened when two strangers cross paths as their journeys lead them each to an obscure tavern where an unusual old man holds the keys to their independent crusades. In her decade long struggle, Elizabeth watches her only hope of finding clues to her sister’s captors, die in the arms of a stranger. During his brief recess between academic appointments, Jack’s return to the campus is interrupted when his simple inquiry plunges him at the center of the manhunt. As adversaries, each contend with conflicting needs as they become entangled in a quest beyond their own understanding. As quoted by the unusual old man. \t“My dear, stories travel the world so they can live here. This is where tales are woven, spun, and knitted together into a giant yarn.” \t\tol’ Denn The Blade of Safavid is the very tale woven, spun and knitted together into the giant yarn.