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Justin Caleb
The Blue Star: First Locality Adventure
Justin Caleb, author
A strange virus is spreading through the Locality, transforming people into twisted, animal-like versions of their former selves. TORINA JADUS, Minister of Medicine and Health, sets off on a dangerous journey across space with her loyal team to work on a cure with one of the galaxy’s greatest medical minds. Planets and entire star systems are quarantined or destroyed as governments struggle to contain the outbreak. With civilization on the verge of collapse, will she be able to save her people, the Tuulan For? To their human neighbors, who are immune to the plague, this seems like a distant problem. But the peace and quiet is disturbed when a mysterious alien vessel is shot down over a remote human world. The brief but violent encounter reveals them to be the vanguard of an alien race bent on the extermination of the human race. SIMON MARSTON, newly-promoted captain of the Navy ship Pericles, and his untested crew must learn how to use the information obtained from the alien ship to save the Human Interstellar Commonwealth before the enemy can complete their genocidal campaign.
Literary Titan

Set in a distant future where space travel connects various alien civilizations, The Blue Star: First Locality Adventure, by Justin Caleb, immerses readers in a universe where interstellar colonization is commonplace. Amidst this backdrop of technological marvels, a devastating plague emerges, threatening to decimate life across the galaxy. This narrative follows Torina Jadus of the Tuulan For and her crew on their urgent quest to discover a cure for this malignant contagion.

Caleb’s narrative bears a striking resemblance to classic sci-fi tropes, notably those in the Star Trek series, while also echoing the tense, epidemic-focused narratives of films like Outbreak and Contagion. The novel gains a contemporary resonance in our post-pandemic world, evoking inevitable comparisons to Covid-19, albeit with a more dramatic and horrifying twist as it ravages the personalities and identities of the afflicted, adding a layer of horror to the science fiction setting.

Caleb skillfully intertwines themes of fear and identity, suggesting that the terror induced by the virus is as potent as the disease itself. This element of the narrative not only heightens the tension but also explores the universal fear of losing one’s identity, a theme that resonates across species and civilizations. The novel posits that this shared fear could be the foundation for understanding and connecting with non-human entities in the realm of advanced technology. The Blue Star: First Locality Adventure distinguishes itself by crafting a sense of existential dread, positioning the virus as a formidable antagonist. This emotional depth keeps readers engrossed up to the concluding page, showcasing Caleb’s adept storytelling. The novel’s ability to maintain engagement throughout is a testament to its effectiveness, transcending genre boundaries to deliver a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Justin Caleb’s The Blue Star: First Locality Adventure is a gripping contribution to the science fiction genre. Its exploration of universal themes like fear, identity, and the quest for understanding in the face of an unknown threat offers a fresh perspective on familiar tropes. The novel’s blend of suspense, emotional depth, and a well-crafted plot ensures a captivating reading experience. Caleb’s narrative prowess in combining elements of horror with science fiction serves to engage and provoke thought in readers, making this book a noteworthy and intriguing read for enthusiasts of the genre and beyond.

Pages: 453 | ASIN : B0CLTQ2VV1

Reedsy Discovery

Words cannot express how impressed I am with Justin Caleb for launching into the world of science-fiction space operas with such a home run! From the first page to the last, I couldn’t put this book down. In fact, I found myself making time to read it rather than doing other things. When I first decided to review this book, it was because I was genuinely interested in the content based on the synopsis that was provided to me. The book I read contained so much storytelling and excitement more than the synopsis offered. The book was filled with advanced technologies, interstellar travel, space battles, completing alien races, character development, and a practical, easy to follow storyline.

              While certainly futuristic and hypothetical, the book, set over 400 years into the future, offered practical advancements in technology that gave the book the feeling of being real. Characters were added and subtracted in a way that felt genuine, and necessary to the storyline as a whole. And, perhaps most importantly, storylines were woven together in a manner that takes many authors multiple books (or years) to perfect. It is obvious that Justin took time to plan out this storyline, crafting each detail with thoughtfulness and precision to ensure the story read well.

              I also wish to compliment Justin for the human feelings he gave to his character, be that through their decisions, actions, or words. Many times, authors portray characters in ways that feel unrealistic or non-human. That was never a thought or concern while I read this book. Justin’s characters acted realistically, allowing me to genuinely connect with each of them (except the Vinkere – but, do you really want to connect with the villain). I sincerely appreciate the book and the opportunity to review it. Justin Caleb has a career as a writer, and I look forward to reading more of his works in the coming years!