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Elle Otero
The Boat
Elle Otero, author
In the wake of a viral pandemic, Lindsay drifts alone on a sailboat she can't operate. Jordan, the ship's Captain and the love of her life, is dead, like everyone else she ever knew. But Lindsay refuses to die. She's resourceful. Resilient. She survived the virus and the nuclear bombs deployed to destroy the infected. And now it's up to her to fight her way back to dry land, or what's left of it. Marooned in shark-infested waters with the storm season just beginning, will she—and any other survivors she encounters—make it back to shore alive? Or will the isolation drown her from within? Get ready to dive into the first book in the "In Caves & Catacombs" series — a thrilling, post-apocalyptic survival story about one woman's quest to survive in a dystopian world after a devastating viral outbreak. Part one of the IN CAVES AND CATACOMBS series by emerging author Elle Otero, The Boat is a breakaway hit readers are calling a “Well Crafted Apocalyptic Short”, “Great Apocalypse Fiction,” and a “Fascinating Post-Apocalyptical Book.” Fans of California by Edan Lepucki, A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C.A. Fletcher, and Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant will appreciate Otero’s take on the dystopian world of The Boat. “Elle Otero has begun something with ‘The Boat’ that I am confident will lead to an even more complex, deep, and interwoven world than is presented in her already-remarkable short story.” ~Joshua Converse, author of The Diana Strain.