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Jisun Fisher
The Bodhi Blueprint
For thousands of years, the greatest minds have all sought to understand the purpose of life. Bodhi(sattva) means one who seeks enlightenment, and if you’re here, love and freedom call your name. The Bodhi Blueprint is here to take the heart-wrenching years of guesswork off your shoulders and guide you powerfully on your path to a courageous life worth living. In The Bodhi Blueprint, you will find answers to questions like: •\tWhat would make me feel truly happy and fulfilled? •\tHow do I live with intention, so I have zero regrets? •\tHow can I break free of my limiting thoughts and self-defeating patterns? •\tHow do I find the confidence to live authentically? Derived from a series of cosmic downloads, the information in this book will: •\tPoint you in the direction of your true north. •\tGuide you to profound peace. •\tHelp you feel more alive. •\tShow you how to go from living a reactionary life to one where you’re in control. •\tOpen portals for you to manifest your best life. Imagine living life on your terms, on purpose. How do you feel? What have you transformed? This is my invitation to you: are you ready to follow the cosmic breadcrumbs and experience your most epic, authentic and meaningful life?