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The Book Marketing Audit
Kilby Blades, author
Marketing feels like an albatross, doesn’t it? Always heavy around your neck, the sharp tip of its curved beak impossible to ignore as it digs into your skin. For most authors, it’s a burden. Even marketing geeks—people who actually like this stuff—struggle to find the time to write, as well as market, their books. "The Book Marketing Audit" distills 40-time-award-winning author Kilby Blades's learnings as a 15-year digital marketing veteran to offer customizable, action-oriented advice. It will show you why your current marketing isn't working and teach you to stop copying tactics that can't work for your library—to focus on smart opportunities revealed by your own brand insights. The auditing mindset is what separates amateur marketers from professionals. Auditing exposes costly flaws and dangerous risks. It cares less about helping you fly faster down the track you’re already on and more about making sure you’re on the right track. It will improve your decision-making, place you in control, and salvage your sanity, your money, and your time.