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Chris Courtney Martin's THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) is a hybrid poetry and essay collection that is 'ironic in concept, sincere in content' as it deconstructs prescribed best-practices for getting ideas greenlit as a screenwriter and what it means to possess a producible story. “THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) by Chris Courtney Martin has an ample tone of sovereignty while indicating the true face of societal vindication, the gap between this generation and the last one. The similes, personifications, and metaphors used in the making of the poems are very assertive, bold and courageous.” -Maryam Qureshi, Songs of Cardinal “That sensation you feel is the rumbling and thumping, the shouts and shade of Chris Courtney Martin’s THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems), a collection of verse and essays that glories indefatigably in its one-finger salute to all that stands in the way of survival. Read and revel; Martin is a master.” -Robert Fromberg, Friends and Fiends, Pulp Stars and Pop Stars "Here’s verse to echo Dickinson, Brooks, and Blake. And Martin’s spiritual grasp can perhaps match theirs...This is fun, prophetic stuff." - New Pages Blog