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The Bookmark/979-8-9859733-0-3/B0B5B74Z9Y
Anne Supsic, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

The legendary Marquis de Lafayette,

A forgotten Moravian woman who became his nurse,

And a bookmark with a secret. . .

The Bookmark combines a historical love story with a modern-day mystery as the discovery of an eighteenth-century bookmark reveals what really happened between the legendary Frenchman and the Moravian maid.

The Historical Fiction Company

“[The author] skillfully crafted a very well-told story of a young passionate man seeking a better world, and a young woman...transformed by the ideals of this revolutionary thinker.” -- The Historical Fiction Company (****)

Thomas McCullough, Assistant Archivist at the Moravian Archives

“Written with an impressive level of historical detail, this dual storyline does not disappoint, and the characters in each era make turning the page worthwhile. That said, the reader might not need a bookmark after all; this page-turner is hard to put down!” -- Thomas McCullough, Assistant Archivist at the Moravian Archives