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The Bounty Huntress
John Riha, author
There’s a killer in the hills. The one who murdered her father and was set free in a bogus trial. Twenty years later, she’ll try to even the score. In the early twentieth century, southern Oregon is still the untamed Wild West. There may be telephones and electric lights in the towns, but there are cutthroat moonshiners and armed poachers in the hills, where justice is handed out in the time it takes to squeeze a trigger. It’s a hard place for a young farm girl, but Iris Greenlee doesn’t have an ounce of back-down in her. She’s the rough-edged, deer-hunting daughter of a murdered game warden, and she’s determined to survive. When the family farm is destroyed by floods, Iris knows what she’ll do to take care of her mother and handicapped brother. She’ll hunt men for money. And she knows just who she’s going to hunt. But there’s a price to pay.