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The Broadcast: A Mystery Thriller
Liam Fialkov, author
Twenty-two years after her newborn baby was seized from her, Sarah follows a popular television series titled The Broadcast. She senses that, in some mysterious way, the show corresponds with her life’s story. The Broadcast airs actual footage of recent unsolved crimes and historical events going back two thousand years. The recordings are impossible … yet they seem genuine. The show’s producer refuses to reveal the mysterious source of the astonishing footage. A well-known journalist is bent on exposing the show as an elaborate scam. A respected professor claims there is a scientific explanation for the remarkable films. Public opinion is divided between those who believe in the authenticity of the films and those who think it is fraud. How long can the makers of the show keep the shattering secret that threatens what we know about our world and our history? Sarah and her husband Jonathan face the task of confronting and re-experiencing the traumas of the past. They have to untie the chains that prevent them from fully living their lives and realizing their inherent potential. This captivating psychological thriller is as enigmatic and gripping as the television series itself. It intertwines personal drama with suspenseful twists and turns, all leading to an astonishing conclusion.

The Broadcast, a Psychological Thriller by Liam Fialkov

What if a technological breakthrough could allow people to view video footage of historical events going back thousands of years? 

That is the promise of a fascinating technology at the center of The Broadcast, a novel about a television network called TXB that produces believable footage of contemporary events, as well as historically significant ones, such as the Battle of Gettysburg, without so much as a set, a production crew, actors or animators. The footage appears to be, for lack of a better term, authentic. Is it real, or some kind of hoax?

Meanwhile, TXB fan Sarah, a psychologist who lives with her husband in a small central California town directly on the San Andreas Fault, is perpetually haunted by the forced adoption of her newborn son when she was just sixteen. While she and her husband appear to build a life together – complete with three dogs, eleven cats, the chickens, ducks, and geese – it’s really a house of cards on the verge of collapse. The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and the mystery over her son’s whereabouts have left a void in her life that proves impossible to satiate, leading to increasingly provocative behavior that threatens to turn her life upside down. Author Liam Fialkov takes his time building Sarah’s character arc, and the payoff is worth the wait.

In terms of sheer real estate, one could argue that this is Sarah’s story, but the concept itself is truly the star. When religious groups become concerned about whether TXB can reach back 2000 years, and what future episodes might reveal, Liam Fialkov’s fascinating concept becomes a bonafide page-turner. Like Dave Eggers’ The Circle, The Broadcast also evokes important questions about society’s relationship to media, surveillance and personal privacy.