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The Bulletproof Writer

Master The Greatest Challenge You Face As A Writer: Constant Rejection.

Learn how to transcend painful obstacles like rejected manuscripts, bad reviews, insulting advances and poor sales using the latest studies in building grit and resiliency.


Are you an unpublished author with your 48th rejection letter? Did your novel get a string of 1-star reviews? Did your book signing attract five people? Are you a best selling author who got half the expected advance because your last two books didn’t do well?


Newbies, self-published, midlisters and best selling authors –we ALL have to deal with constant rejection. It is an occupational hazard with the potential to destroy your career if you don’t manage it properly.


Cultivate Inner Strength, Push Through Adversity And Thrive Under Pressure. This masterful guide will show you how to manage the emotional pain of rejection, develop a higher threshold for failure and build the kind of resiliency and grit that’ll help you succeed in publishing.