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Rahul Akshith
Surya, a shy yet intellectual thirteen year-old, arrives at his new school with large doses of anxiety, but is pleasantly surprised to find that all his classmates are very supportive and friendly. Surya slowly loses his shyness and socializes with his new friends, and even develops a crush on one of his classmates-- a shy, yet mature and rationalistic girl named Leela. But things start going disturbingly wrong when all of a sudden, Surya starts experiencing mysteriously violent nightmares, accompanied by the presence of a terrifying, ancient, and inhuman Entity. Surya's best friend Kani, and Leela also start receiving similarly savage hallucinations/dreams. Together, the three of them form a league and help each other cope up with the stress caused due to the nightmares. But things spice up when Leela's best friend, Priya, encounters a real situation that involves betrayal, shock, and violent surrealism. Luckily, Priya manages to escape, and it is now up to these pop-culture loving kids to cope up with their stress, balance their personal life, while also trying to save themselves from the mysterious Entity that happens to be attacking their minds and souls, while also preying on the citizens of their city...