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Joseph Moore
The Call of Jeremiah McGill
Joseph Moore, author
In a slow-paced 1970s Missouri, a young black son of a pastor searches for his place in the world. Eleven-year-old Jeremiah McGill is at a cusp in his young life. It’s 1971 and America is in a historical transition with sons in the Vietnam War, fundamental changes in civil rights, protests, and political tumult. As the young boy wants only to pass his time reading comic books and galivanting with his friends, his preacher father has a different divine destiny in mind for him. Feeling removed and uncertain about his connection to his faith, Jeremiah’s not sure where he fits in. As Jeremiah begins his discovery of who he is, the boy has a whirlwind of questions troubling him: confusion about his new friendship with a white boy at school, navigating the relationships that he has with some of his questionable friends, and defining his place within his faith-driven family. Jeremiah is at a crossroads, trying to figure out his place in the world. And though it may be evident to others in his life, it’s something the boy must do on his own.