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Robert Lane
The Cardinal's Sin
Robert Lane, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

While concluding a European vacation with his girlfriend, Kathleen, Jake Travis is instructed to kill an international assassin who is known to dress as a cardinal and take contemplative strolls in Kensington Gardens. Jake completes, his task, returns to Florida, and learns that he has "Clipped the wrong bird." He has killed a popular and progressive cardinal.

Jake must hunt down a woman whom he believes holds the key, and do so before the assassin strikes again. Kathleen recoils from the horror of his deed, leaving Jake to wonder if he's lost her for good, while he stuggles with the central quesion: why did the cardinal want Jake to end his life?

A dramatic opening kicks off Lane’s complex third Jake Travis thriller (after 2015’s Cooler Than Blood). Travis, a member of American special ops who’s on vacation in Europe, receives orders to kill Alexander Paretsky, an international assassin with a penchant for disguises, who’s been targeting loved ones of both current and former special ops members. Paretsky, who’s pretending to be a cardinal, is in London, where the operative stalks him to Kensington Gardens and shoots him. The wounded Paretsky manages to ask Travis to forgive him his “sin” before Travis finishes him off. Given the blood on his victim’s hands, Travis is untroubled by the hit—until his superiors inform him that the man he killed is not Paretsky but Cardinal Giovanni Antinori, who was popular with the poor, insisted that the Catholic Church confront its history of abuse, and devoted himself to humanitarian relief for Africa. Guilt-ridden, Travis tries to figure out how he got the wrong guy. The answer will surprise some readers. (BookLife)
Foreword Clarion Reviews

"This brillantly calibrated thriller beats the leading sellers in it genre...Lane's writing is sharp, evocative, and engaging."

Kirkus Reviews

"A cinematic tale...the prose is confident and clear, and the pacing smooth an compelling...readers will care about its characters. Another entertaining mystery from Lane...possibly his best yet.