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The Cats Who Love(d) Me and the One Who Doesn’t

Cats can bring out latent talents in humans, and they do so with remarkable success for Joyce FitzGerald Galloway, as told in THE CATS WHO LOVE(D) ME AND THE ONE WHO DOESN'T. It all begins one stormy night when the author retrieves a drenched and frightened tiger kitten from a gutter near her home in Ireland. Penny is to lead the parade of these cats, cats with colorful beauty and remarkable individuality, as they are endowned with special gifts, all but one giving her affection. For instance, there's Spot, the watch-cat who thwarts a burglary, and Bunny, a cross between a rabbit and a clown. Here is a book that has cats cavorting through its pages, each brought to life by the author's descriptive powers that illuminate the surroundings. These cats will tap your imagination and wonder in this entertaining and amusing book.