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The Chihuahua Witch
Kara Murphy, is a free-lance architectural general contractor and consultant who travels around from each job in an old Winnebago with her two little Chihuahuas, Philadelphia and Taffy, refurbishing and remodeling older homes and buildings. She learned this love of bringing old building back to life from her late father who was a general contractor and civil engineer. But from her mother she has a second passion, the study of paranormal activities. Her occupation brings her and two, four-legged travel buddies to the town of Chelsea Massachusetts, when Roger McDoll of McDoll Holdings contracts her to do a reconstruction of up-dating three buildings on his ancestral property, one being The Chelsea Meeting House. When first meeting Mr. McDoll, Kara also meets the good-looking head surveyor of the town of Chelsea, Denton Williams, who is also the Chairperson of the Chelsea Historical society. The two of them hit it off almost instantly. Kara learns that the Meeting House is supposed to be haunted and is more interested in the job restoring it, because of the possible haunting Kara is offered the job working on the Chelsea Meeting House, but with the understanding that she has to used Roger’s nephew Michael Martinelli’s construction crew. Michael turns out to be a major jerk and Kara and he, butt heads. Kara tells him in plain English that it is either her way or the high way. She also has a problem with one of Michael’s crew named Bobby. Bobby has a rapped sheet longer than he is tall and a drug problem that Michael is well aware. Michael and Bobby come up with the idea of hiding the drugs that they are doing and selling in the basement of the Meeting House. They feel that with the history of the hauntings, the drugs will be safe, as no one from the crew likes to be down in the basement of the building for any length of time. Kara has been staying on the job site in her Winnebago at night and starts to see un explainable lights going on in the Meeting House at night. She and Denton check out the Meeting House the next day and encounter the ghost of Mattie the dead slave. Weather, permits and other construction problems cause hold ups with the work getting done and then when a back hoe un-earths a human skull and bones, the job comes to a complete stop, only to start again but yet hits another wall when Roger McDoll’s partner, the penny wise, pound foolish, Edmund Frank is found at the bottom of the Meeting House basement stairs with a broken neck. Kara has more confrontations with Michael’s worker Bobby and finally tells Michael that she has to let Bobby go and Michael agrees to this. Bobby blows up at Kara over his being fired and Denton tells Kara that he feels she will be safer staying at his house rather than be on the job site at night by herself. They argue over this and in anger Kara leaves and goes back to the trailer on the job site. When she sees a flickering light up at the Meeting House, she goes to investigate.